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We simply love brands, maisons and entrepreneurs who have created concepts and products with talent, purpose and heart. ​

We believe these brands can resonate very positively in the fast growing markets of Asia with their young consumers’ strong appetite for novelty, style and quality.​

We view our role as Asian markets insiders and entrepreneurs guiding the brands: ​

  • Where they should go in Asia,​

  • How they should talk,​

  • Who they should partner with.​

With a mindset centered around:​

  • Performance based model,​

  • Results,​

  • Long term growth, and​

  • Ethics.​

IN ASIA is where brands with a story need to pivot to reach only growing destination for distribution in the coming years successfully.

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We drive brands with a story to their success story IN ASIA.​

We are a team of Asian markets insiders with strong entrepreneurship mindset and track record pioneering brands across China to other fast growing Asian markets.​

We bring answers to your strategic questions:  where should you go, how should you talk, who should you partner with.​

Our operating mode is very straightforward. ​

We help you trade, sell, activate and nurture your brand on a performance based model, IN ASIA.

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