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IN ASIA's style





Our endeavor is to listen. This is where we ‘uncover the lid’ to get to know your brand and understand your objectives:​

  • Human organization – emphasis on international presence if any;​

  • Story telling of the brand;​

  • Products review – best sellers, seasonality, replenishment process,  pricing;​

  • Communication and marketing activations;​

  • Digital commerce;​

  • Expectations from an Asian expansion: regional development, distribution model, pricing.


Now that we know your brand better, it’s time to strategize.


We provide a route-to-market document that will serve as our guidelines for your Asia market penetration:​

  • Targeted POS (physical and digital)​

  • List down operations aspects to address by country we approach: pricing and margin, logistics​

  • Proposed strategic communication/marketing activation with estimated budget and return


You provide us with all necessary information (products pictures, description, suggested retail price, press release, videos and eventually samples) to pitch to Clients.


We then develop an “easy look showroom platform©” for a more immersive experience with Clients. 


And here we go! We approach the proposed list of Clients. 

Deliver & Follow-up

You just get your 1st order! Yes, you landed on the moon! ​ 

We follow up on : sell thru, client feedbacks, best sellers and adjust for replenishment keeping in mind​ that your sell thru rate improvement is our objective.​

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