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Arranging Store Items

Trade & Activate

From evaluating the distribution landscape, marketing your collection and following up on the sales, we work with you at every step of the trading & activation process.

1. Referencing distributors

  • Identify B to C e-commerce, distributors, multi-brands stores…that fit with your brand.​

  • Prepare snapshot review on who they are, store layout, size, carried brands, usual commercial terms.

Image by Korie Cull

3. Delivering

  • Help you assess and improve lead time to market and shrinkage if any...


5. Activate

Through events, promotional and digital activities, we ensure that your insights and strategies lead to activation and action where things get real – in store, online, IN ASIA.

  • Events: On site sales activation: tailored events, pop up concepts, VIP one on one appointments, collection preview

  • Promotion: Propose advertising on space: billboard, digital campaign on distributor platforms, promotional activities 

  • Digital: We are teaming up with best in class digital agencies to brief them and follow up on execution of meaningful campaigns: live streaming sessions, KOL campaigns and specifics to China's crowded and complicated digital landscape

Fashion Magazine

2. Presenting products

  • Product presentation (virtual showroom, sampling)​

  • Referencing the brand​

  • Prepare OTB​

  • Negotiate and settle commercial and financial terms​

  • Validate Suggested Retail Prices  

Clothing Store

4. Following-up 

  • Create sales follow up dashboards (sell thru rates, sell in and sell out performances, qualitative customers feedbacks..) ​

  • Triger and follow up on replenishment

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